Winning the Audition

Take Your Auditioning to the Next Level!

Jason Heath sat down with 27 successful audition winners and asked them for specifics. What did they do to win that audition? How did they prepare?

This book explains how they did it, and how you can too.

You’ll Learn:

Why thinking of your audition preparation as a scientific experiment unlocks your potential.

How charting your audition progress keeps you from making the same mistakes repeatedly.

How you can take your auditioning to the next level through changes in mindset.

Why auditioning is a skill that can be mastered.

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What people are saying...

"Professor Larry Hurst likes to say 'orchestras are the largest employers of musicians in the world,' As a result, auditions consume the lives of so many aspiring classical musicians. We have all obsessed over them to the point of auditions becoming mystical events with their own lore and urban legend. That somehow they are won with some kind of secret handshake, studying at the right school, playing like a machine, selling your soul to the devil, etc.

 Jason Heath's new book Winning The Audition goes a long way to demystifying this frequently misunderstood and intimidating process. His book is the most thorough and exhaustive book on orchestra auditions that I have come across for any instrument. Through his book and his podcast, Jason has created one of the most invaluable educational resources available for classical bassists."

Owen Lee

Principal Bass, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra 

Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati CCM 

Principal Bass and Faculty, Chautauqua Institution

"Jason Heath has compiled relevant tidbits from interviews with top-notch players and major audition winners, interspersing them with his own approaches and experience. Part practical, part anecdotal, and part inspirational, this compilation is something that any musician on the audition trail can learn from. 

What I particularly like about Jason’s approach is the idea that there is not “One Way To Do Things”; rather, he amalgamates multiple approaches with a wonderfully open mind." 

Lisa Chisholm

Preparation and Performance Coach

“Jason has done amazing work. What started as a double bass blog has grown into a treasure trove of ideas, techniques, high level concepts, and history of not just the double bass but music in general. In fact, the ideas he's collected and assembled cross disciplines and transcend music. There are useful ideas in here for everyone. Thank you, Jason!”

Andrew Raciti 

Northwestern University 

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

“Jason has included an immense amount of value in this book about auditions. I can’t imagine a more detailed approach. In this book you have a wealth of information from not only Jason's own experience as a successful musician and auditioner, but from all of the many renowned bass players he has interviewed on his podcast. 

This is an insider’s look at how to nail an audition with a wealth of tools to use to perfect your audition approach. I would say that any musician, bass player or otherwise, will benefit greatly from reading this book and employing the techniques.”

Tracy Friedlander

Crushing Classical

Horn Wise

“Jason has put together an essential resource for any musician wanting to gain the edge and to win their audition!”

Geoff Chalmers

Discover Double Bass Founder

"Thank you Jason for putting this book together! Finally someone has compiled best practices in the realm of audition taking and Jason has gotten together some of the best minds in the music world. I'm sure anyone can gain insight into their own audition preparation from this book.”

Harish Kumar

Oulu Sinfonia, Helsinki

"I wish I had this text 25 years ago! Jason has gathered decades of bassists experience and distilled them into this impressive resource. The advice, tips and strategies are detailed and proven successful. Highly recommended!”

Peter Tambroni founder and music educator

“I love how all these wonderful resources are in one easy to read tool. Thank you, Jason, for continuing to harness the uniqueness of the double bass community!”

Dennis Bergevin

music educator, Grand Rapids

Jason Heath

About the Author

Jason Heath is the host of Contrabass Conversations, a podcast devoted to exploring music and ideas associated with the double bass.

His blog and podcast are highly regarded in the music world and have been featured as top offerings in the world of arts and culture for the past decade.

An active double bass performer and teacher, Jason taught double bass at DePaul University for seven years and served on the Board of Directors of the International Society of Bassists for many years. He also previously taught at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and at Trinity International University. Jason taught in the public schools of suburban Chicago for several years and has maintained a private double bass studio for the past two decades. 

A graduate of Northwestern University, Jason was a member of the Elgin Symphony for 16 seasons and performed with the Midsummer’s Music Festival in Door County for over a decade. He is a past member of the Milwaukee Ballet and IRIS Orchestra, and has performed with the Lyric Opera of Chicago, Grant Park Symphony, and numerous other professional ensembles.